SMF supports its customers by offering complete solutions which best suit their specific needs. Versatility of our products gives us flexibility in meeting various requirements of our clients.

In realization of its projects SMF Germany offers


Blowing and packaging machines customized to the client's needs in 100%.

This is how we provide delivery of custom made solutions.

Step 1 - customer needs analysis.

First of all it is necessary to determine what beverage will be poured into the bottles, what design and size of the PET bottle is required, what capacity is expected. After all the customer requirements are recorded, the project is analysed and initial equipment layout is prepared.


Step 2 - adaptation of the project to the client's requirements.

We pay a lot of attention to the customer wishes, so the initial layout and the offer is discussed in detail with our customer. We negotiate the final version of the project, including the design of bottles (2D and 3D bottle view), final equipment layout (with all dimensions and technical requirements) and delivery time.


Step 3 - preliminary testing.

The machines are manufactured and tested. To ensure  the right bottle quality, customer must provide preforms or granulate for machine testing . Blowing moulds are manufactured on the basis of 2D and 3D PET bottle  visualisation accepted by the customer. Bottle samples are precisely checked in accordance with requirements agreed with the customer: approved drawings, all main dimensions, PET bottle capacity, filling level, load, etc.


Step 4 - delivery on time.
SMF Project Manager determines with the customer a time schedule for the project. The  machines  are packed in a safe manner – to protect them from damage and averse weather conditions. All dimensions, weights and requirements for loading and transportation of the machine are agreed with the customer. Machines are suitable for all conventional means of transport (trucks, sea container).


Step 5- service support
SMF provides first start-up of the machine and training for customer's staff at customer premises. All SMF machines and blowing moulds are tested at SMF factory prior to shipment. After delivery of the machine, SMF technical staff comes to our customer to help install the machine and train how to operate it and provide the maintenance of the machine to assure the utmost productivity.


Step 6 - customer satisfaction.
SMF provides also after guarantee service and availability of the spare parts for the machines. A long-term cooperation is the principle of our customer-orientated service guaranteeing highest customer satisfaction.

We are 100% customer-orientated and we put a careful attention to the local conditions by providing solutions suitable for all markets worldwide.