Bottle design and mould production

Blowing mouldsEach project related to PET blowing machines starts with a bottle design. SMF's designers and engineers cooperate with the customer to find the best parameters of the bottle. Shape and weight of the bottle must fully satisfy customer needs but at the same time fulfill all the requirements related to the technology of PET bottle production. This stage of the project is also crucial for further steps. The shape of the bottle has an influence on many parameters of the machine and on the output. The bottle design has to be optimally adjusted to the production process - to the type of PET blowing machine and filling, labeling and packaging equipment. This is why our experienced staff provide customers with professional assistance in choosing optimal bottle design and preform to its production.


Blowing mould production process at SMF company consists of following steps:


  • Discussing the concept of an optimal bottle shape.
  • Selection of the best preform available on the market (shape, weight, supplier).
  • Designing the bottle shape - making the drawings.
  • Corrections of the bottle project in reference to the customer's remarks.
  • Final acceptance of the bottle design.
  • Project of the blowing mould.
  • Computer programming of the application for machine production (CNC).
  • Production and hand polishing of all components.
  • Assembling of the mould and its installation on the machine.
  • Tests.
  • Presentation of the final bottle to the customer acceptance.