Stretch blow molding machines, pet blowing machines

PET blow moulding machines

SMF offers two-step technology of plastic bottle production and is a market leading company in PET technology worldwide. Our key competence lies in satisfying all of our customers' technical needs.
SMF manufactures linear stretch blow molding machines with the output of up to 12.000 BPH. All the machines have excellent reputation thanks to their reliability, simplicity and high technological level. SMF delivers complete manufacturing solutions including preform design and supply, bottle design, bottle moulds, preform loaders, ready bottle conveyor, air preparation and cooling system. SMF installs blow molding machines worldwide at customer's site and provides full technical after-sales service.


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The complete set delivered to customers, apart from the PP or PET blowing machine, usually consists of the following equipment:

  • Preform feeding system with accumulation container (hopper), preform conveyor, orientator and gravity rails. It also includes electric and steering components.
  • Preform tilter DUMPER DR-310 (optional) - machine designed to automate the process of PET containers production. Thanks to that solution, preforms are supplied to the hopper automatically. The operator needs only to change pallets with the octabins filled with preforms. It makes the process faster and easier.
  • Bottle exit conveyor - depending on the machine, it can be directly connected to the conveyor, which transports bottles to the filler (OPTIMA, STRATOS, VARIO) or may deliver bottles to the unscrambling system (COMBI, HS).
  • Electric cabinet and machine steering system - they are based on components of well-known brands and meets all the European standards and requirements.
  • Compressors station is based on screw compressors made by German company KAESER which cooperates with SMF for over 12 years. The complete set consists of screw compressor, booster, air dryers with filters, air tanks, connectors and steering box. The parameters of the compressors station are adjusted individually to each blowing machine.
  • Water cooling system - SMF machines are equipped with water cooling system which includes efficient water chiller.

Brief description of double stage production process:

Every SMF's blow molding machine uses double stage production process. The first step is preform production with the use of injection machines. The final form (bottle) is made during the stretch blow molding process employing one of PP or PET blowing machines. It is the second stage of the whole production process.

bottle production process (second step)

1 Preform heating in a special preform heater.
2 Opening of the blow mould (by closing unit) and insertion of the preform.
3 Closing of the blow mould.
4 Bottle stretching and blowing.
5 Opening of the mould and transport of the finished bottle to the exit conveyor.
6 Bottle prepared to transport.


packaging AND shipment OF SMF MACHINES

Wooden boxes adjusted to the size of the ordered machine.