Fully automatic blowing machines of Combi series are designed for extremely easy use and reliable performance.

Combi machines have a compact layout and relatively small overall size so they are suitable for installation in a very limited production space. Closing unit design allows quick and simple mould changeover. The possibility to blow bottles with different neck size enables versatility and flexibility of bottle production. Production of long series of bottles as well as small series with different products is possible. Combi machines are characterized by low energy consumption due to innovative oven design. Modular design of Combi allows connecting the machines into sets and increase the total capacity of blowing station.

The Combi system stands for German reliability, low cost production, user-friendly operation and easy maintenance.

In the machines there are used components of prime brands: Festo, Mitsubishi, Balluff, Hitachi, Toshiba, Coax, Rexroth, Kobold.


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Used technologies


PowerWizard - Pyrometric Temperature Controller is an innovative solution that that ensures a stable temperature during preform heating process.This system allows to eliminate disruptions resulting from fluctuations of air temperature and power supply voltage. Pyrometgric temperature Controller – PowerWizard – precisely and automatically readjust the amount of heat radiated towards preforms by comparing actual preform temperature and the set value (nominal). Closed loop temperature control guarantees stable quality and protects the production process against environmental disruptions.

Emergency power supply for the control unit in case of failure of the regular power supply. Support system of the emergency power supply of the control in case of power supply disappearance.

The PowerProtector is an autonomous, multichannel control system for regulating heat energy emitted inside the oven of blow molding machine. It controls the amount of electric power supplied to halogen lamps individually for each heating zone or section. Closed loop control algorithms make reheating process insensitive to irregular mains frequency as well as to fluctuations of lamps resistance. Thus, the process runs stable and more accurate.Additionally, the PowerProtector continuously monitors lamp voltage and current and immediately warns about: dead lamps, suspicious variation of lamp resistance (lamp ageing), voltage fluctuations in the mains supply. The PowerProtector introduces fully symmetrical 3-phase load to the power supply line and high value of power factor (compared to phase angle controllers). The PowerProtector makes the reheating process stable and keeps it fully under control.ing line.

Available models

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