HL is the series of highly efficient, space saving and fully automatic linear PET stretch blow moulding machines. HL machines design is focused on minimization of footprint and cost effective production of PET bottles of various shapes.  It is equipped with very innovative preform heating system, that makes the machine shorter and reduces energy consumption. Ready bottles are directly transferred to the exit conveyor which can be easily connected to air conveyor. There is no need to use any additional bottle orientating machines – which is again a space saving solution.  Central lubrication system installed in HL machines allows an easy, fast and precise application of lubricant what reduces unnecessary stops of the machine and service time time to minimum. Another advantage is the preform transport system based on specially designed pins that protect against preforms getting stuck in the oven. Modular construction makes the HL machines series very flexible and enables smooth increase of the bottles production output adapted to the customer current needs. HL machines fulfill all the requirements of customers  that expect high quality of the produced PET bottles, space saving solutions and minimized costs per one bottle.


Key features


  • Compact size - space saving solution
  • Innovative preform heating system – low energy consumption
  • Bottle orientation system
  • Central lubrication system – minimization of machine stops and extended machine lifetime
  • Preform transport system based on special pins – elimination of preforms getting stuck inside the oven
  • High bottle quality with air blowing pressure only 25 bars – energy saving solution
  • Cost effective – minimization of unit cost


Optional equipment



PowerWizard - Pyrometric Temperature Controller is an innovative solution that that ensures a stable temperature during preform heating process.


Available models