HL is the series of highly efficient, space saving and fully automatic linear PET stretch blow moulding machines. HL machines design is focused on minimization of footprint and cost effective production of PET bottles of various shapes.  It is equipped with very innovative preform heating system, that makes the machine shorter and reduces energy consumption. Ready bottle are directly transferred to the exit conveyor which can be easily connected with air conveyor. There is no need to use any additional bottle orientating machines – which is again a space saving solution. Modular construction makes the HL machines series very flexible and enables smooth increase of the bottle production output adapted to the customer's current needs.HL machines fulfill all the requirements of customers  that expect high quality of the produced PET bottles, space saving solutions and minimized costs per one bottle.


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Machine features: Unit Value
Blowing pressure bar 25
Mould cavities
Bottle capacity L up to 1,5
Nominal output* bph up to 1800
Consumptions: Unit Value
Total installed power kW 54.0
Steering voltage 24V/DC
Mould material FORTAL


  • automation of machines operation
  • precise regulation of temperature
  • reduction of energy costs
  • reduction of preform losses

PowerWizard concept is highly innovative solution designed to ensure a stable temperature of the preforms during reheating process. This system allows to eliminate disruptions resulting from fluctuations of air temperature and power supply voltage. Pyrometgric temperature Controller – PowerWizard – precisely and automatically readjust the amount of heat radiated towards preforms by comparing actual preform temperature and the set value (nominal). Closed loop temperature control guarantees stable quality and protects the production process against environmental disruptions.


combi 200


Video of working machine

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