The design of HS Series is based on an innovative concept of oven transportation drive ensuring the high degree of flexibility, reliability and process efficiency. High performance per cavity and the possibility to build a modular system allow a substantial increase in the machine capacity.

HS Series machines provide an optimum cost/output performance and ensure the high degree of reliability. An innovative robotic preform loading system allows full PET preform handling control and high speed operation. Chain driven oven and precise system of preforms distribution in the oven ensure smooth and steady operation of the machine, reliable performance and long service life. PET preforms are transferred in the oven by their neck, which anables keeping the low temperature of the neck and ensures high bottle quality. Machines are equipped with advanced PLC control system with a user-friendly control panel and build-in memory with access to the working parameters for particular preform type and bottle. Quickly installed, the machine is ready for producing bottles of various shapes and volumes, including the use of short neck preforms - for example edible oil preforms.

In the machines there are used components of prime brands: Festo, Mitsubishi, Balluff, Hitachi, Toshiba, Coax, Rexroth, Kobold.


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Key features:

  • High performance per cavity
  • Perfect machine for untypical performs and neckrings
  • The option of modular combination of several units
  • Simple, robust and durable operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast decompression increasing the efficiency
  • Short decompression time allowing more time for blowing cycle
  • Compact machine dimensions
  • High packaging quality

Applied technologies


PowerWizard - Pyrometric Temperature Controller is an innovative solution that that ensures a stable temperature during preform heating process.This system allows to eliminate disruptions resulting from fluctuations of air temperature and power supply voltage. Pyrometgric temperature Controller – PowerWizard – precisely and automatically readjust the amount of heat radiated towards preforms by comparing actual preform temperature and the set value (nominal). Closed loop temperature control guarantees stable quality and protects the production process against environmental disruptions.


AirRecuperation - a solution designed for air recycling. Thanks to that solution the air demand is much lower.


Emergency power supply for the control unit in case of failure of the regular power supply.Support system of the emergency power supply of the control in case of power supply disappearance.

Available models