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GTI is the series of PET injection moulding machines for the production of high quality PET preforms. SMF offers a high efficiency system for  preforms production with capacity from 3000 up to 15 000 pcs/h  and preform weight from 18 up to 50 g.


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The preform system can accommodate from 2 up to 48 cavity moulds for any standard preforms – the number of cavities can be optimized to match the required output. Apart from the injection moulding machine, a complete package offered by SMF includes:

  • Injection moulds
  • Robot handling system (optional)
  • Integrated after-cooling station
  • Granulate dehumidyfing system
  • Mould sweat protection system
  • Mould and injection unit cooling systems

Our system is designed for maximum flexibility and gives the possibility to change the type of produced preforms. The mould can be easily modified and robotics adapted - changing the size of preforms can be done in a relatively short time.


PET preforms are a semi-finished product for the bottle production. In the two-stage process, the plastic granulate is first moulded into a "preform" using the injection molding system (GTI machines). These preforms are produced with predefined necks of the bottles, including threads (the "finish") on one end and the neck finish with thread that suits the bottle cap on the other.

After cooling  the preforms are transferred  into a reheat stretch blow molding machine (SMF PET blowing machine).


The preforms produced on SMF GTI machines can be blown into bottles by SMF PET blowing machine and then filled with water, soft drinks, edible oils, ketchup, detergents, milk, beer, fruit juices, etc.


Depending on  size of the container and the product to be bottled, an operator may need a few types of preform - with different weight, shape and neck. During the design of the bottle, it is important to choose the right weight and geometry of the preform, since it has a significant impact on the quality and visual appearance of the product.

The most popular types of neck for bottles 0,2-3l are as follows: PCO or BPF neck for carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water, neck 30/25 for still water, 29-21 or 32 mm neck for edible oil and 38 mm for milk and juices.

The shape of  preforms (length and thickness) should be also individually designed because it plays an important role in the blow moulding  process - the design of the bottle may determinate the kind of performs used in the bottle production. Hereto please consult SMF engineering team.




Video of the working machine

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