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GTI 48 is a PET injection moulding machines for the production of PET preforms.





Preform system can accommodate from 8 up to 48 cavity molds on any standard preforms. As well as the injection molding machine, the package includes mold, robotic handling system, complete with integrated after-cooling station; granule drying system, recirculating air condition for the mould, and refrigeration system.The concept of the complete system is designed for maximum flexibility when changing from one preform variant to another. Because the mold can be easily modified and robotics adapted without problem, it is possible to change to a different size of preform in a relatively short time, meaning even small volumes of parts or unusual shapes can be produced economically.Two-stage injection unit consists of one screw for pre-plasticizing and one plunger for injection.Low A.A. levels and very high trough put with outstanding melt quality are ensured by the injection unit's high-performance screw.The separate shooting pot can get a wider range of shot size. Without the use of check-ring, it can escape the unstable injection and increase the precision of shooting.


Enlarged ejector system and longer ejector stroke is especially designed to match the ejector requirement of PET preform.The external five points double toggle system and thick platens design can distribute the clamping force evently to the mold. With the sensitive mold protection device, it well prevent damage to molding surface components.

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  • Low acetaldehyde (A.A) levies for best preform quality.
  • Fast and precise for high productivity.
  • Compact to save space for your down stream equipment.
  • Custom fit to meet your production needs.


Pneumatic actuated valve gated for simultaneous high-speed open and close motion. Reduced (residence time) channel volume. Low Acetaldehyde (A.A) level. All inserts areinterchangeable. Individually temperature controlled nozzles.




Video of working machine

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