Shrink wrap is applied over or around the intended item by automated equipment. It is then sent through a shrink tunnel or oven for heat shrinking.


The Shrink Wrap Process



Step 1:

Single items (e.g., bottles, cans, cartons, jars, etc.) are grouped  into the appropriate pack patterns  (either 4  x 6 for 0,5 l bottles or into other packaging configurations such as  2 x 3for 1 l bottles.

Step 2:

The grouped product is then moved automatically onto the Conveyor System which passes the product into the "curtain" of Shrink-Wrap Material. Seal bar seals the ends of the poly material to form an envelope around the package.

Step 3:

At this point, the product is loosely surrounded by shrink film. The method of film advancement on the system maximizes the number of packages able to be wrapped from the roll of film.

Step 4:

The wrapped bundles then pass through a heated shrink tunnel, causing the film to shrink tightly and  neatly around the package. The system uses recirculated hot air for maximum efficiency while ensuring the product is securely wrapped.

Step 5:

As the shrink wrapped product exits the shrink tunnel it is fan cooled to achieve a tight, secure jacket as a final step in the packaging process.

All processes on the ShrinkWrap system are controlled by a programmable CPU.