PET milk bottle advantages:

  • Significantly lower weight of a milk bottle than in case of other materials such as glass or HDPE (weight of 1L milk PET bottle is only 25g, while weight of 1L HDPE container is 38-40g).
  • No material loss during production.
  • Lower costs due to material saving and manufacturing technology (high efficiency, low power consumption, full automation of the process).
  • PET milk bottle offers better barrier against oxygen and better protection from odours than HDPE.
  • Possibility of producing tailor-made bottles with original shapes, which are attractive and aesthetic for customers and create great marketing opportunities.
  • PET milk bottles can be transparent or coloured in different colours including white – which reduces the effect of light on milk.
  • Smooth, aesthetic  finish of a bottle neck, formed during preform injection – no knife cut-off trace or spikes like in a HDPE.
  • New generation of cap closure dedicated to milk PET bottle that prevents contamination of the product in case of multiple use  (repeated opening and closing).
  • PET milk bottle is extremely lightweight and has a high shock-resistance. It’s convenient for production and distribution.
  • Transport in several layers is possible – up to six layers with the right bottle design.
  • Positive environmental profile as PET milk bottle can be easily recycled.
  • Like glass, PET is a biologically inert material that doesn't react with beverages or foodstuff and is resistant to attacks by micro-organisms.

PET milk bottle