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SB-6, SB-10 and SB-15 are linear bottle unscrambling machines designed to provide oriented bottle to the production line. SMF Unscramblers - SB Uniline series are machines positioning bottles vertically before they reach the filling line. SB series bottle unscramblers operate with great simplicity, efficiency, and minimal maintenance. They are suitable for large variety of bottle shapes and sizes.


Bottle unscrambler is controlled electronically, what guarantees perfect synchronization with the filling line as well as allows modification of the machine parameters.


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Process description

The bottles from the hopper are transferred by a conveyor to the centrifugal disc, where the bottles are set upright,  stabilized and placed on the conveyor. The start/stop of the motor is controlled by a sensor located next to the disc. It controls the number of bottles on the disc.



Machines can be equipped with BAO system that enables axial orientation of non-symmetrical bottles. The drive system of BAO models is fully synchronized with  base conveyor,  reversible drive and orientation belts. This  provides the control required to maintain stability during orientation of irregularly shaped bottles.

Technical data

Power installed 1.5 kW 2.5 kW
Air requirement 0.5 m3/h 0.5 m3/h
Working air pressure 0.4 MPa 0.4 MPa
Power supply 3 x 380V / 3PH / 50Hz 3 x 380V / 3PH / 50Hz
Bottles 0.25-0.5L 12 000 BPH 12 000 BPH
Bottles 1.0L 9 000 BPH 10 000 BPH
Bottles 1.5L 6 000 BPH 8 000 BPH
Bottles 2.0L - 6 000 BPH

* Depends on a bottle design

SB-6 and SB-10 machines can be equipped with:

  1. Hopper 2 m3 or 4m3 - an integrated feed hopper acts as an in-line buffer – it ensures that the high line efficiency is maintained if a downstream machine stops. The hopper stores bottles and prevents production line  overload and disruption.
  2. A set for changing the bottle format - by changing the bottle format you can easily use the machine for different types of bottles.
  3. Stainless steel enclosure  - in the standard version all main parts are made of stainless steel - frames, cabinets, bottle contact parts etc. - for special requirements we can also deliver stainless steel unscrambler enclosure.
  4. BAO - Bottle Axial Orientation Module - BAO machine is designed to axially orient  the bottles leaving the SB-unscrambler. The machine allows to orientate asymmetrical bottles.


SB6000: SB10000:

Video of the working machine

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